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A birth-place and residence is Ukraine, Lviv city
An artistic college by Iv. Trush in Lviv, 1977-1981 Speciality "Artistic registration"
Lviv National Academy of Arts 1981-1986 Speciality the "Decoratively-applied art"

Working activity:
1987-1992 the Artistically-productive combine in the system of artistic fund of USSR monumental workshop in Uzhhorod city. Specialization: creation of compositions in a space and stained-glass windows.
1992-1994 Leader of international base on composition (Hungary, city Peych)
1994-1996 Artist-developer on the Lviv Experimental Ceramics-Sculpture factory, where got a sixth digit on free glassworks.
1996-1997 Leader by the department of glass,  "Zhorna" ltd,  Lviv
1997-1999 Director of a design and glass marketing  "Start" ltd, Lviv
1999-2004 Teacher of artistic college on preparation on speciality developer-glass-blower and spotted glass designer.
2009 - until now Teacher of Lviv National Academy of Arts.

Exhibition activity:
Participant of international symposiums and exhibitions of glassworks :
Hungary - Bard-Udvoronok
Czech Republic  - Novy Bir
Ukraine - Lviv